Terms of Use – Personal Data Protection Policy - Confidentiality

The website http://archivealert.gr/ belongs to the non-profit organization “Arxeion Taxis” (from now on AT). The specific website through state-of-the-art internet infrastructure, as well as opensource software and non-open source software applications offers to anyone interested (from now on user/visitor) services of reporting, declaring and informing about the location and registering of historical archives, archives and other cultural goods, as well as their inter-connecting with interested parties (from now on entity/organization) with the aim of preservation. The use/visit of the website presupposes the unreserved acceptance of all terms and conditions of use hereby described. Accessing the site, online browsing and archiving/listing, or reproducing its content in any way de facto constitutes an acceptance of the terms and conditions below:

1. After visiting the website and logging in the platform, the user can report and declare archival material or other cultural material that has come to their attention or possession and is currently in danger or at potential risk. Any natural or legal person may report and declare material. The user is allowed to register with the platform, with a view to being updated about the course of their reporting on material and the results from the connection with the entity/organization concerned.

2. The use of the website http://archivealert.gr/ has to be strictly legal and in a manner which does not obstruct or prevent the use of the website by third parties. The user/visitor of the website is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law and the current terms and conditions of use. Any use for profit is absolutely excluded. The user/visitor of this website must not proceed to actions or omissions that may cause malfunction or damage to the website, and/or negatively affect, or endanger the services provided to visitors.

3. Any legal private or public person of a non-profit nature can register as entity/organization provided they have archival collections or book collections and can ensure both the preservation and storage of cultural goods, and the free unconditional access to the material for scientific and all other audiences. Any archival collections that are already in the entity’s/organization’s possession and may be characterized by limited accessibility are an exception to the above.

4. ΑΤ makes every effort to ensure that the information and the content presented on the website http://archivealert.gr/ is true, precise, and up to date. Moreover, AT provides the content such as, information, names, photographs, depictions, data, etc., as well as the services provided by the website “precisely in the way that these have been stated.” The aforementioned information and any other piece of information provided to the user/visitor through the website by no means constitute a direct, or indirect suggestion, or urging to proceed to any kind of activity that might bring financial gain. The user ought to examine the information provided and act of their own free will. Under no circumstances will AT be held, in any way, responsible with regards to claims and demands of legal, civil, or criminal nature or for any kind of actual loss or damage, special damage, or loss of profit/earnings caused to the user/visitor of this website.

5. AT informs the National Inventory of Archives at the General State Archives (G.S.A.) of Greece, Central Service about any declaration/report of archival material, as defined by the legislation in force (ΦΕΚ Α 69 14/5/1991).

6. Any reference made to the content or the use of the website in any scientific, or other website, or text should cite and include reference to AT as the creator and owner of intellectual property of the website.

7. The website http://archivealert.gr/ may contain links to third-party websites services that are not owned or controlled by AT, with the exclusive intent of informing the user/visitor. Providing links to websites owned by third parties does not constitute an acceptance or endorsing of their views and actions, or acceptance of the content which they express, publish, or post. AT has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party web sites or services. Third parties responsible or liable for these websites, in accordance with the law, are exclusively liable for the content of their webpages and for any kind of harm that may arise from their use, when the user/visitor of http://archivealert.gr/ gains access to them. The user/visitor agrees to the fact that upon visiting other websites owned by third parties, they leave http://archivealert.gr/ and become subject to the terms and conditions of third-party websites.

8. AT makes every possible effort to ensure the smooth function of its network. Nevertheless, it cannot guarantee that the operations of the servers will be undisrupted, impeccable, or free of viruses, malicious software, etc.

9. Through the current website, AT may collect personal data that belong only to the users/visitors/entities. By the term personal data, we describe only data that can be used to define a person’s identity or that may enable contact with the users/visitors/entities, especially data collected by Forms of Data and Forms of Participation. The user/visitor/entity unreservedly consents to provide access of such data the website http://archivealert.gr/, when necessary or when requested in order to process their report/declaration. Additionally, AT may use such personal data for the purpose of information or e-mailing of announcements/ news to the subscribed user/visitor/entity unless they wish otherwise and explicitly say so in their communication with AT. AT will not offer for sale any personal data of third parties or of the users/visitors/entities of this website. AT will not transfer or publish the personal data of users/visitors/entities of this website to third parties, unless the law states otherwise or if this is a contractual obligation necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the organization.

10. AT takes all necessary measures and attends to the legal and rightful collecting and processing of personal data, and their safekeeping and protection, according to the law Ν.2472/1997, protecting the confidentiality of all information that comes to our knowledge.

11. AT may process part or the entirety of the data sent by users/visitors/entities indicatively for statistical purposes and for the purpose of improving the services and information provided. The users/visitors/entities of the website who provide the aforementioned data, consent to AT’s use of the data provided.

12. In any case, the visitor/user/entity of our website has the right to access and objection (correction included) regarding the personal data processed that may pertain to them. Any such potential claim should be addressed in writing to AT: arxeiontaxis@gmail.com.

13. The user/visitor/entity is obliged to follow all instructions when reporting, declaring, or participating in any of the processes of the website, according to the current terms of use of AT, as posted on the website. Users/visitors/entities ought to be very careful when filling out the forms and registering information; they are under the obligation of providing precise, complete, and coherent information, otherwise AT is not obliged to process it. AT cannot be held responsible or liable for the erroneous registering of data by users/visitors/entities. The latter remain solely responsible for the accuracy, fullness, and legitimacy of their own registrations.

14. AT is by no means responsible or liable for any entity not responding, for the damage or theft, and for any other problem of the material reported on the platform.

15. The entity/organization is obliged to send AT a progress report about any claim addressed to the entity through the platform, or to respond in writing to all questions posed by AT about the material.

16. If the entity/organization receives the material, they are obliged to provide free access of the material to the audience.

17. AT will not use any information or collaboration made through the platform for profit.

18. The use of the above means that the user/visitor/entity has the exclusive responsibility of their communication and of the consequences derived from communicating and sharing information. AT bears no responsibility for the accuracy, precision, and credibility of the material published in some area of interaction, or for the consequences that derive from using the website. AT by no means accepts or in any way endorses views, ideas, and actions expressed by the user/visitor/entity—as a result of communication. AT may control, correct, or even eradicate the communication and participation content of the user/visitor/entity.

19. The terms and conditions of use of the current website and any modification or change performed by AT are governed by the national and European law as well as the applicable international agreements. Any clause found to oppose the above legal framework, or made out of force, automatically ceases to apply and is removed, without affecting in any way the remaining terms and conditions.

20. The terms and conditions of use of the current website are the total agreement between AT and the user/visitor/entity of the websites and services; the agreement is binding solely for them. No modification or alteration of these terms and conditions of use should be taken into account and considered part of the agreement, unless it is expressed in writing and incorporated in the current terms and conditions. Unless otherwise stated, the above terms and conditions of use are directly applicable in their entirety. AT reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, add to, alter, or replace the content or the services of the website as well as the terms and conditions of use, whenever necessary, without previous warning and through the website, but always within the current or potentially new legal boundaries. As a consequence, the users/visitors/entities of the website are kindly requested to regularly check the content, services, and terms and conditions for any changes since the undisrupted use of the website means that they accept and are bound by all potential modifications.