Answers to questions regarding the platform!

Q: Who is the platform addressed to?

To pursue the objectives of the platform, it is necessary to collaborate with private and public non-profit organizations who have archival of bibliographic collections and ensure free access to their materials.

Q: What is the Archive Alert platform?

You can see what the platform is here.

Q: How can an institution/ organization register on the platform?

You can register on the platform by clicking here

Q: What follows after registration?

After registration, you will receive reports by users describing any material that has been located and is in need of preservation.

Q: What are the obligations of organizations/ entities following the statement of collaboration?

The organization/ entity is obliged to perform an in situ survey in order to preserve the material when necessary. Moreover, entities/ organizations have to report on the process of preserving the material to the administration team of the platform. It is imperative that the Terms of Use of the platform be understood prior to registration.

Q: Am I allowed to buy or sell material through the platform?

Under no circumstances should the platform be used for profit.

Q: Can I upload/ post digitized archival material?

The Archive Alert platform does not allow the uploading and posting of digitized documents